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Are you looking for How to install WhatsApp for windows 7 without hacking? Here you are about to get all the new information and knowledge about this wonderful software and latest information.

Whatsapp software windows 7:

Many of you may be familiar with WhatsApp that you use on your handheld device for instant messaging and voice mailing. But some of us still seeking it to use on your computers, so the wait is over here is WhatsApp for windows Free Download it is also an alternative to Skype, and now PC users will find so much convenience using it and stay connected even if you don’t have smartphones. It is perfect software for performing multitasking in communicating with your personal contacts.

There is no denying that WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps which are only available for androids and from that you can use and sent all kinds of messages from texts, pictures, videos and chat video calls, also it lets you save data. But there are some people who also want to try it a different way and want to use it on their desktop. For some time it was not possible but from now with growing technology and latest innovation in the modern world, anything is possible. You can even download FMWhatsApp on your PC using the same method.

It is a great step for that a famous android app like this which is bound to smartphones has finally released on PC and Mac books. According to a survey, Whatsapp has even surpassed facebook users with incredible $20 billion users all over the world. That makes it a perfect choice to come on desktops.

Why do users need to use WhatsApp on windows suddenly?

If you haven’t used this app on your smartphones up until now, then it is a great time you can use it on windows. It has a website like the extension that can sync all your previous conversations and video calls right into your PC system. You don’t need to hack the app instead you can simply go legit and download it the best way possible that makes all your efforts worthwhile.

After saying this let’s check out some of the unbelievable features of WhatsApp for Windows:

Space requirements needed for installing WhatsApp on Windows 7:

Before you made up your mind and try to install whatsapp on your PC it is very important that you should get to see all the system requirements to get a better idea of how you can do in right way and also is your system is capable of running the app specifically for Windows 7. All you r question will be answered he below. Let’s begin,

  • A computer system with a good hardware that can configure right
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM space
  • Good, and stable internet connection
  • Best graphics card
  • Mobile NO. for SMS verification
  • Windows 7 (recommended)

This is the minimum PC requirements you will need to install WhatsApp on your windows if you wish to make them run smoothly and perfectly.

How much space does it need to install whatsapp on the desktop?

This is the biggest question that everyone has in their minds when they think to install it, having a good PC is another thing, but fortunately, you need to know the exact space it gets so in future it does not make any kind of trouble for you including,

File size: 65MB


Operating system: compatible with all versions of windows with 32Bit and 64Bit

Some key features of it:

The number of features this brings to PC is endless, and if you are a mobile user then you might want to jump on another system to see,

  • Send short and long texts
  • Instant video calling
  • Post pictures in HD quality
  • Improved data coverage
  • Make unlimited audio calls
  • Sync from mobile to PC

How to install Whatsapp in windows 7?

In order to install whatsapp free full version on your computers, you need to follow these easy steps so you can easily enjoy it and make all your dreams come true to experience something different on your PC such as,

1) First you need to install bluestacks from its official website

2) After that setup that download and runs it on your system

3) After complete installation open bluestacks

4) Once the program is opened then go to its search box and type WhatsApp messenger

5) Download it completely

6) When the application had downloaded run it and click on agree to continue

7) Now enter your mobile number and location to verify it using SMS

8) Once you have verified your mobile NO. A message will appear and that it is

9) You have successfully installed WhatsApp on your PC

What to do after installing Whatsapp on windows 7?

After you have done installing the app, then the question comes in mind how to use whatsapp on pc windows 7 it is quite simple folks, you need to enter your screen name and upload your picture. Click on the settings to change profile and add contacts. There is no difference between mobile and PC when it comes to using whatsapp. Windows 7 certainly makes the job easier and once done you won’t need to worry about.

The app updates automatically just like on smartphones. But there is a difference that you all must know, once you get to use Whatsapp on windows it won’t sync any of the existing data from mobile to PC. You have to do it manually enter each of your personal contacts and wait for them to connect with you.

There is no fuss about it, everything you can search on the internet, and you don’t need to have a new E-mail address or anything else. Just install bluestacks and run it. You will probably be going to love the idea of enjoying whatsapp on your PC without trying any kind of tips and tricks.

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