5 Web Design Tips For a Better Website User Experience

A website design without a vision is like a Ship Lost in Horizon.

First 5 seconds when someone lands at your website are the most important one because it determines the visitor about what services are you selling. Your Web Design navigation must be so easy that if an average user makes a visit to your website, then he/she must acquire what they are looking for.

According to our research, your website needs to intelligibly communicate with your audience. For instance, What you do, Why you do and Whom you do it for? It really is easy that you start a business and invest in it like you own the world but most of the times, you forget to elaborate your audience with core apprehensions and their leading problems.

So, Do you need your website to get in shape? Or want your website to get a WOW like reaction? Then here are 5 quick tips to assure you that you’re moving in a right direction.

Display your Brand Identity Clearly

80% of the people rarely read all the content of the website; Instead, they go directly for what exactly they are scanning for. Keeping all these things in your mind, your website design must be obliged to go for targeting the emotions rather than hitting the words. With fewer words and more action in your web design, your visitor will be able to process and evaluate the things more clearly and wisely.

Yes, we know Text and Subheadings are necessary for the website but breaking them right at the spot is the main thing. When you Break the Content right before the Call to Action button, the visitor will surely go and check what exactly the thing is and what you’re offering. 

Do not expect your visitors that they will explore about your services, Who you are and What do you do. There are millions already in the competition, and when you jump into a competition then you need to have A good plan and execution.

Remember one thing only: If your Web Design is Confusing, It means leaving.

Web Design Visual Hierarchy

Confused with the heading? No worries, We have got you. We have come from an age of stone to an age of Modern life. With all the latest technology in hand and knowledge about almost everything, people nowadays look for extremely reliable and informative evolves. When you’ve all the content ready for your web design, then it’s your web designer obligation to arrange your content in such a manner that everything gets clear to everyone.

As told you before, you’ve almost 5 seconds to get the centre of attention and tell them what exactly is your website is all about. If you organize a clear and sound hierarchy to your website, then we assure you success and fame straightaway.

Your web design colour combination is an important factor too in getting someone’s eye. Apply colour, contrast, pictures, and all the other stuff in such a manner that it clearly tells a message about your services.

The most important thing that we’ve found for you are the strips. These strips are going to organize your website into very clear and eye-catching pieces of content.

Keep your Website Content Easy

Another big mistake that we do is the complication in choosing the words. Yes, “Readability” makes it easy for the people to understand what you’re trying to say. The easier is the content, the more engaging content will be. When your website content is easy to understand, your visitors will efficiently scan all the data from your website and get all the information that they need.

To achieve all the points to keep your website content easy is quite easy, But not every easy thing is easy to implement. Try these key rules to dominate your competitors.

Contrast is the Key: Choose the most appropriate colours between your text and background to make the text clear.

Keep your Website Font at least 16pt: You really can’t read what you can’t see, if you keep your text pt below 16pt then it will be difficult for most of the users to read the font and they will escape it.

Target your Users: Your visitors are the main source of your income and don’t let them go from your website without buying your services. Choose the keywords and use them wisely.

More fonts More Trouble: Do not use more than 3 fonts in a single content because it irritates a visitors. According to research made by WIX if you choose so many fonts in your content, then there are more chances of people disliking your content.

Navigations and Hues

Explicit navigations and Hues can make it easy for the visitor to get a direction to explore your website. A User doesn’t have to ask for any help regarding exploring your website because it may reflect a negative impact on your web design. Use arrows and instructional images to help the user reach from one section to another section of your services.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

The 21st century is running almost on Mobile Phone and all the small appliances. So your website must be mobile friendly in order to get the desired results. If you want to keep the pace of your visitors going up and up, then your website must have a mobile friendly web design to put yourself in the competitor’s line.


Web Design is same as an Inspiration, Never Stop getting it. If your website is creative and has a content which is straight to the point then I congratulate you in advance. But it’s really important that you keep your website updated with all the latest technology to get over all the odds. We wish to have you an amazing and beautiful website. Cheers!  

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