How to convert VGA to HDMI

Do you want to fully understand the types of AV and how to connect various formats especially VGA to HDMI – How to convert easily? Stick to this post to get all the latest information and answers to your queries relevantly.


Today is all about technology and we all know that the consumer market is filled and had adopted HDMI technology for the TVs and computers. There was a time when people used to play with electric devices and that time it wasn’t too much to do with these devices or have any information, because those electric things or so-called gadgets look fascinating. Now as we live in the 21st century where everything is taken apart and people do care about the fidelity or result of the device they are using.

Connecting different cables and to see what happens often determine your choice of what you really want to do. There always a time comes when you want your TV or any other compatible device to connect to a monitor with complete HDMI source. For this, you need to have VGA to HDMI converter that will give you so much difference to choose and enjoy the better watching experience.

What exactly is a VGA and HDMI sources?

For those of you who don’t know that what the term VGA or HDMI is, so you need to open your minds and take a deep dive into this matter to get the full picture of it. VGA is called video graphic array and HDMI is called high definition multimedia interface. Since both of them are used for video purposes, so it will be logically to see them one should connect together.

Just making a cable connection to both ends, however, HDMI to VGA are totally different systems and don’t have the same language even though work for one purpose. VGA was created as the standard video for computer monitors and HDMI was created to make the current video connection options available with little bit more details and take it to the next level.

What is the difference between VGA and HDMI?

To tell you the truth there are so many differences you will get to see between VGA and HDMI. The first one is probably the most important one is that VGA uses analog signal and HDMI use digital one. VGA directly gives signals to monitor with high voltage level.

The second difference you can get between VGA and HDMI is that VGA is basically a video while HDMI contains different channels for both audio and video. So whenever you connect them together you certainly need to bring the audio signal to the VGA connector using a converter, adapt, cable or a connector.

The third significant difference you will see is that a VGA and HDMI wire does not match. You can’t simply connect or pin from one another. Which is why those connectors came to mind to help you connect them and pins the right signal to sent and achieve the result.

Difference from a graphical point of view:

There are a lot of debates going around seeing which one has better colors or textures to display screens. You will be surprised to see that how far VGA connector has come and manage to stay on top in all these years. Here is a graphical comparison you should know which was created in four different graphics modes,

    • 320 x 200 pixels in 256 colors
  • 320 x 200 pixels in 16 colors
  • 640 x 350 pixels in 16 colors
  • 640 x 480 pixels in 16 colors

All of these different formats are considered a part of VGA family. They are used in the sending device with use of VGA connector and display VGA D subminiature results.

HDMI was created for the use of HDTV that comes in two different sections,

  • 720p which has a horizontal line of pixels making it to the actual resolution of 1290 x 720
  • 1080p which has horizontal lines pixels of 1080 and making it to the actual resolution of 1920 x 1080

How do you convert VGA to HDMI?

It is clear that the number of things you should need to convert VGA to HDMI that requires a connection from two sides and to do this it is necessary to pass VGA signal through a converter which makes the VGA signal convert them into digital to sent out on HDMI cable to the monitor who supports it. There are three steps require to do it such as,

1) HDMI to VGA adapter:

One of the major ways you can use is to try and convert VGA to HDMI using an adaptor. It can be used to send digital signals once you connect them from both sides and plug the main cord to the monitor or TV using a micro HSB cable which happens seamlessly and you can watch everything on native 720p.

2) VGA to HDMI cable:

If you want to convert VGA to HDMI then using a USB cable would help you get the better idea to scale the image that fit the size of the screen. This also makes it quite sharp pixels for the widescreen monitors. To enjoy without any problems and resolution does not get blur.

3) VGA to HDMI converter:

You have to buy a VGA to HDMI converter that is specifically made compatible with your model. Once you buy it then locate your VGA output on laptop or PC, then plug the VGA to the out of it, now connects the other side with an HDMI converter box. Plug the HDMI output to your laptop or television. When your computer is turned on it will show HD display.

These are some valuable ways of converting VGA to HDMI without any hassle. As the modern world demands everything needs to be crystal clear and also to use them for multi-media purposes to ensure standard widescreen get stables.

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