How to Fix Google Play Services has stopped Error

Google play services have stopped overview:

Most of us love to use Google play services because it gives us so many accesses to enjoy apps, games, and many more. But unfortunately, there are some time comes when Google play just malfunctions and receives errors. The end result is that the play store is closed and the message appears on the screen in form of unfortunately Google play services has stopped or Google play services has stopped  so there has to be a true problem you are facing no matter how many time you reopen it but the downloading will stop and your Android devices will not respond accurately.

This can be very frustrating and also relevantly very simple to simple, but before we dive into the solution you must know that all these solutions are pure and perfect which can help you resolve those pesky and annoying errors in time. You don’t need to be a genius or android experts to fix the bugs and errors however you can still stop this from happening and bring the play store to its natural state.

Having said that we have now below listed some real facts about Google play services keeps stopping to help you find the permanent and solid solutions that are so much easy to use and eventually proved great for any Android smartphones, so without further ado let’s dive into the solution one by one.

Unfortunately Google has stopped – how fix it with permanently?

You should consider yourself lucky because in this modern world where everything is possible has evolved so much that anything can be fixed with right instructions and steps. Here are some potential ways you can try step by step to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Solution 1: update the app:

One of the biggest reasons that Google play services error popped up because you are using the older version app which is outdated. So in order to stop it from a few minutes, you need to update the app version to the latest from your handheld device. Here are the steps you need to follow,

  • First go to the play store
  • Click on the my games and apps
  • Click on the update button
  • It will automatically update the app
  • After this the message will stop showing for Google play services not working

Solution 2: set the date and time on your device:

The primary concern related to unfortunately Google play has stopped can be irritating because the time and date on your system are not accurate. You need to solve this in order to solve the error by setting the time and date right on your mobile devices. Here are some steps you should follow,

  • First open the settings from your device
  • Go to the system and then locate time and date option
  • Click on it and select automatic time and date provided by the network option
  • After setting time and date then check the Google play services update error by opening it again to see if it is solved or not

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Solution 3: reinstall the Google play store app:

After updating the Google Play app, you are still facing the same issue with the error. Then you can try another method which is quite perfect and excellent by reinstalling Google play store app that can help solve the problem for better. Here are major steps you need to follow with the process,

  • First go to the settings of your device
  • From that go to the security option
  • Once you are there, then click on the device administration to deactivate the android device manager
  • Now again to the application manager
  • From there Google play store and then click on the uninstall updates
  • After uninstalling all the u[dates then activate the android from device manager
  • Now the application that relay on the Google play services then update the promptly with an updated version which you need to install primarily

Solution 4: clear the Google play services caches:

The next solution for Google app keeps stopping you can try is to clear some of the app caches that can be approached if it is not working properly. This is the very essential part to clear because some users might not clear it and the result is that you are getting bad add-ons for no reason. Here are the some steps you should follow,

  • First go to the settings of the device
  • Go to the device category and select apps
  • Now you need to find the Google play services app and click it
  • Now each procedure is different depending on which android version you are using
  • So if you are getting unfortunately Google play services has stopped in lollipop then click on the app and scroll down and you will see an option called clear cache and click it, this will remove the all caches on the app
  • If you are getting this error in the Marshmallow version then click on the storage and then click on the clear cache, this will cleat the entire cache from the Google service app
  • If anyhow the problem persist then you can hit the clear data button and will accurately prevent Google play services error and you can start the app again like first time
  • You will see that after this the app will not show any messages

Solution 5:  Re-add your Google account:

After using all the above solution if still Google play services keep stopping then you use another solution by removing your Google account from your device and try to add it again. This process might beneficial for you but you can lose all your precious data but still it is worth a try. Here are some steps you need to follow,

  • First to go to the device
  • Then navigate account and click on it
  • Here you will get to see your Google account and click on the mail ID button
  • Now that you are at right corner of the screen, you will see a menu bar and click on it
  • Tap on to remove the account
  • This will remove the Google account from the device
  • After that you can add Google account again to your system,
  • For this visit settings and locate the account
  • Here you will get to see the add-account option
  • Now click on the Google account again and it will ask you to fill the mail ID and your password for the same Google account
  • Try to save it
  • Now once you successfully add the Google account on the system, then close the settings and check back again the Google play services error has stopped or not

Solution 6: Reset the device to the factory setting version:

The 6th solution is only comes into play when all the above methods did not work and you are facing the Google app keeps stopping then this is a last rescue option that might be able to do the trick by resetting the android factory version to default. Here are some major steps you need to follow,

  • First open the setting of the device
  • Now from here you need to find the reset and backup option and click on it
  • When you open it, you will see option for factory data reset and click on it
  • Once you done it then device will be set to its default factory settings
  • After this your device will automatically restart and you can setup all the account and take a full backup data with phone memory save it, in case you don’t want to lose your precious data

Solution 7: Try to disable the Google play services:

One thing is for sure Google play service is the heart and soul of the major Google apps and many of the latest android versions does not allow it to remove. But if you are facing Google play services not working then it means your Gmail has stopped working as well, while you cannot remove it from your device unless rooted. You can disable it temporarily to see If it really solves the problem or not. Here are some steps you need to follow including,

  • First head over to the settings
  • Scroll down to find security
  • From there go to the device administration
  • It will show android device manager and click on it to enable and uncheck from box
  • It will say confirm your action and save it

Final verdict:

These are the best solutions for Google play services has stopped which you can use and see how much they proved worthy of your time. With all these methods you can certainly save your precious device to get hanged because of Google play services and enjoy its entire app within the limits. Try it now if you are having issues and solve it perfectly.

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