Pro Tips To Get Sales On Fiverr

With millions of accounts on Fiverr, it’s hard to find out jobs.

Fiverr is providing you both free and paid methods to bring your profile on top and get sales but why wasting your money on paid methods when you have a lot of free methods to bring your profile right on top? Sweating with hard work and smart work can bring you a lot of projects, wondering how? We have the answer.

We are starting right from the scratch and to the point of getting your first sale but you have to pay 100% attention to the following points and implement them wisely. So here we go!

1. Your Gig Title

The first thing that you need to get right and optimize is your gig title. We have seen a lot of people doing copy paste on every gig that they made on some projects, but if you write a good gig title it will help you in ranking higher and get better sales because of Fiverr Algorithm.

Because Fiverr Algorithm do not like copy paste Gig Titles every time. Never do this misadventure again because you might lose it, if you do it.

2. Add a Gig Video

Fiverr Video Gig system is the best way to add a brief and quality Gig to attract customers towards you. Here are few tips of making your video gig better

  • Make the highest quality video Gig
  • Keep it natural because artificial isn’t attractive
  • Keep your video Short
  • Beware of your competitor gigs

3. Your Gig Description is Important

Your good Gig Description must be able to give the answer of following questions

  • Who are you? Individual or a Team
  • What level of skills do you have and how much experience do you have in the mentioned field
  • Why buyer should hire you and what you offer the buyer extra thing
  • What the buyer should expect extra from you

Look it’s not just about ending the job in due time and with the money that the buyer is offering you. It’s about putting extra effort in your work to impress the buyer so that if he/she ever posts the same job, then considering you must be buyer’s first choice.

4. Money Back Guarantee

It’s not about always the money; it’s about satisfying your client with your words and actions. If you ask your clients for Money Back Guarantee then there are greater chances that client will award you with the work.

You have to promise your client that you’ll respect his/her money and if somehow I can’t make your order right, then I surely will reverse the money.

5. Your Profile Picture

A simple hack to get the attention of your client is having a profile picture which looks professional. Do not use picture of any other person because it can give them a hint of fake account or scam or whatever.

An eye catching photo of you is a must thing in your Fiverr Account.

Go Optimize Now

The above mentioned tips can bring you a lot of projects that you’re looking for. But here are some formulas to follow for your better and amazing Sales.

Note: These are extra Tips and following them may not be mandatory.

  • Maintain your positive reviews level up
  • Deliver the work Fast
  • Link your Facebook Account

And you’re done!

these things will helps you to get job on fiverr.

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