Free album downloads

It looks like you are eager to know 10 amazing free album downloads websites that offer complete records? You might want to stick to this post to get all the latest information to your queries relevantly.

Free album downloads

Music is a hunger that can never be satisfied. It is a universal thing that people want to enjoy while listening to it. There are also some of us who might have the appetite to complete albums downloads just to show their love and support to their singers. It is best to have your own personal collection with large music library. The reason behind it is that usually people who prefer to buys CDs do not get the complete songs but in parts and when you finish listening to it then you have to buy another which can be time-consuming.

Why not think smart and go for the alternative way and to the right decision to get not one, not two, but the complete album of your singer. Sound fascinating isn’t it guys. You will be glad to know that there are many free music websites that offers a great range of music library where you can download music and transfer them to any format you want and also hear them anytime you want.

Why is it necessary to have your own album collection?

Music is something that gives us joy whenever you listen to it, the melodies and rhythm would want you to dance on their steps. It is not an option but a necessity and when you have the right source then you can have this treasure and never to let go. For all, you music lovers who are searching download albums free consider yourself lucky because below you are about o find out the best place to download complete albums with good download speed.

Which are the best places to download albums in the first place?

Now it’s time to get rid of the DVDs and CD players that only gives you sadness of spending money. Instead, you can now get the whole album list download online and can access them anytime at your fingertips. With these websites that will give a chance to have music on your free will and instead of just listening to one song you will get a whole bunch of them, so here is the list of ten major websites you should see including,

1) MP3-fiesta:

The interest has given us many things and thanks to it, we can now download a complete album. So, here is the great website that is truly effective and useful to download MP3 files. This one has the simple interface to utilize. This website is available since 2006 and can fulfill all your needs especially for music lovers such as songs, audio books, and albums. It is not entirely free but you have to pay a little bit to use this site.


Jamendo is a website that has more than 38,000 music albums which are available to download for free. With this one, you can download albums for free online from short length to full length. The most interesting thing about it is that all of them are legal and there will be no copyright issues. A person who uses IOS devices would also appreciate it as well.

3) Phaze-MP3:

Phase-mp3 is also another fantastic website that contains more thousands of free music. It also gives you various options to download files according to your needs. It will give you great download speed and support handheld devices as well.

4) MP3Boo:

MP3Boo is one of those websites to download free albums with more than 7,000 albums and also get access to media fire and Hot file as well. It works great you won’t have to search for single album instead get all of them available and start downloading.

5) Sound-area:

This is another perfect example of getting free music albums in any format you want. The sound area is quite popular to give the variety of music and all it requires is to get registered to this website and start downloading right away.

6) Album Hunt:

You want a clean and simple interface website that makes easy to download all the categories of music including, pop, Rock, R&B and many more. Then consider using Album hunt that gives you so many downloading options which are stored in Rapid-share and Hot file.

7) ZONA-musical:

You will be glad to hear that ZONA-musical is the best place to download albums without having any registration. Everything here is free of cost. You can save all the albums in the Rapid share and also gives you great downloading speed. There is no copyright issue you will face.

8) Band-camp:

This website band-camp is an incredible one that makes so much easy to download music files and play online. It gives you some free samples to check out and then proceeds to download option. You don’t need to spend money. There are more than 50,000+ albums fo the popular singers you will get to see.

9) Keepvid music:

Keepvid music is considered of the largest free music album websites that allow you to download songs in MP3 and also the great tool to manage all your music needs in every way possible. Now you don’t need to worry about where to download albums instead try this one and see how much it is worth it. This one is also compatible to run on mobiles as well.

10) E-music:

E-music is considered an amazing platform which is wonderfully organized to give its users a delightful experience. It is completely free and millions of people all around the world use it. You can download MP3 files and manage them according to your needs from half album to full.

It is so much good that it also gives you stream online option for specific songs, Supports both Windows and Android devices. It is a great solution for all those music lovers to get rich content and newest tracks to explore.

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