Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Ranking in Serps

Top Website Ranking is the backbone of online Business.

According to a case studies, the first page of Google receives all the 95% of organic traffic and rest of the traffic directs to subsequent pages of Google.  

We have talked to many Businessman and Managers, inexperienced newcomers and experienced individuals. All of them wants to improve their Website Rankings and they have gone crazy trying to unleash the secrets of How to rank at first page of the Google without getting penalty from Google.

We wish that we could provide you a magic button which can solve your problem of Ranking in a matter of seconds but reality is Ranking game isn’t that simple. It requires resources, dedication, hard work in a right direction, and a bit of creativity.

Since there’s no magic button to get Top Website Ranking, but off course there are few ways which can lead you to top of search engine results page. We have learned the ways very hardly, but you are lucky you don’t have to.

Follow these ways and watch your website rising higher and higher in search engine results.

1. Knowledge about Google Algorithm

We could have jumped straight to SEO points but knowledge about Google Algorithm and latest updates are very important.

We are setting you up for a long time success so that any new thing comes from Google, you don’t get penalized and/or lost your website ranking.

Chief Executives of Google Gary Illyes and John Mueller confirms the news that Google is updating the Algorithm on weekly basis and few of the updates aren’t publically announced and published just to avoid tricks by users.

According to Moz Google makes almost 500 to 600 changes per year.

The best knowledge about Google updates come to us is in the form of Major Google updates such as:

  • In 2015, the main factor of ranking website in the first page of Google was Mobile Friendly website. If the website doesn’t comply with Google updates then you’d have to face the penalties.
  • In 2014, Google introduced Pigeon update and the purpose for this update was to integrate the local searches for example Google maps.
  • In 2013, Google introduced Hummingbird update in-order to understand the content and aim of user’s search by checking the words that they type in search engine bar.
  • In 2012, Google introduced Penguin update to target spammers and those who use shortcuts to rank their website through spammy backlinks.

To get all the latest updates about Google algorithm, you need to check out Google Webmaster Tool to get yourself updated from all the new improvements come your way.

2. Evaluation of Current Search Engine Website Ranking

If you want to win the race of boosting your website ranking, then you’d have to acknowledge yourself with current stand-up of your website. There are a lot of Tools that can help you find your website ranking.

Go Check your website ranking here:

What SERP does to you is, it helps you to find out where are you standing now and you get to know which page needs improvement. Following are the results which will show you.

  • Where you website is ranking
  • Your average month searches
  • You average CPC, if you applied for paid searches from Google AdWords

3. Publish Relevant Content

Nowadays, 0.4 Million articles are being uploaded on Google each day, and you have to be classy in writing because there’s no substitute for quality content. Quality content that you create not only boost your website ranking but you get the Google trust as well.

Getting Google trust will definitely strengthen your Page Authority and not only that, you’ll be able to see visitors subscribing to your website and your bounce rate going down.

4. Check your Website Speed

Your website speed matters a lot in website ranking factor nowadays because everything needs to be perfect or else your site will be vanished from 1st page of the Google.

Look, if your website is slow, not only it will affect your website ranking but also your customers. There are many websites that can help you know your website speed but our few of our personal favourites are 

Open any of the links which are given above and place the URL of your website in URL box. You’ll get to know each and every single detail about your website speed. If any of the website showing results in Green colour then it means your website is doing fine but if it’s red then it’s an alarming situation for you.

5. Update your Content Regularly

Boosting website ranking can be easy sometimes if you follow the entire steps. One of the main ways of boosting website ranking is updating your content regularly.

We see a lot of people published their content on the web and then forget about it. Google loves those content which are updated on regular bases because this indicates that you care about what you have posted.

Regularly updated content is viewed as the best indicators of your website relevancy.

Time to Optimize

Study all the above written ways and implement them on your website. We assure you to have your website ranking going up.

Thanks To “Saad Attique” for this awesome SEO guide 

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