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If you are love to enjoy Prank your friends and families but not good at disguising your voice then here are 10 best voice changer software’s you can use for windows (free) that you can use change your voice. Stick to this post to get all the latest information.

Best voice changer:

If you are a person who lives far from your family and always prefer to chat with them using voice and experience crack voices or too much mute then you should try different methods and not change your system. There are many people who want to play the joke with others and change their voice to make the conversation fun and make them look so much cooler. How would it feel when a 10-year-old child tries this and calls you for a voice call and happens to change the voice it must be the most bizarre thing but at the same time quite good to see.

Today, voice changing software’s has become so much important part of our daily lives in the modern age where usually people use Skype and more and more people use it for voice filters and turn any conversation into fun.

What precisely is a voice changing application?

For those of you who don’t know that voice changing software can help you enable you to modify the sound of the voice whenever you use it or interact with others while playing online games. These applications are designed to look easy and add great experience and give you so many options including,

Alien voice

Robotic voice

Cartoon voice

Child to big person voice

All of these voices will give you wide variety of real-time voice changing app and talk with friends and families to get used to it.

Which are the 10 Best voice changer apps you can choose?

Not only you can use these for fun, but also for many other productive purposes, creates your voiceover for the documentary, improve the videotaping and voice quality to enhance your video lessons. You can use them separately or for Skype, or for androids in any way let’s see them that will give you advantage.

1) Skype voice changer (ATH TEK):

Skype voice changer is a very good and compatible with all the Skype versions. It will help to develop the API and provide flawless and smooth performance for voice and video calls. It gives you high quality and applies sync changes to calls. Another significant feature that comes with this software is that you can attach EMOJI texting to make the conversation interesting and it totally free.

2) AV voice changer:

AV voice changer is certainly one of the amazing voice converter available in the market that gives its users so many features for voice changing and also change settings from younger, older, masculine and deeper effects. You can use this for both androids and windows for free.

3) All in one voice changer:

If you want variety in your voice changing then this software is the perfect option. It offers you multiple options to change the voice. With its multifunctional settings you will get the clean and clear voice that supports local and international voice communication. It is also free and can be accessed by anyone.

4) Voxal voice changer:

Voxal voice changer is a real time voice changer app android with efficiency and designed to assist the users to disguise, modify voices, change its layer from small to big in so many ways. You can use this for diverse purpose for professional and personal voice calling.

5) ROBOVOX voice changer:

There is no denying that robovox voice changer let people change the voice, record voice, and change their sound humorous, frightening, evil, and musical robot. The best thing about this is that you can set the frequency anytime and work both offline and online.

6) Voice master:

Voice master is another excellent voice changer for PC and it is totally free. It offers the user-friendly interface that allows Skype users to transform the pitch and voice all at the same time with audio linked. If any person wants that disguise my voice then this one can prove beneficial for your needs.

7) Fake voice app:

Fake voice app has the best interface with the basic interface, with labeled scroll buttons, pitch format settings, noise threshold, along with many other great voice buttons with echo effects. You will see that while using it you will get sound parameters to make work this even perfect. If you want to sound like a woman then increase pitch and shrill voice to produce lower baritone with humanoid to make a long-lasting impression.

8) Virtual personality voice changer:

Virtual personality is like a professional telephone that requires internet to use. It works perfectly with PC headphones and speakers. You can change the settings and change your voice for any purpose you want.

9) Voice candy:

Voice candy has the great architecture for having simple voice app and a perfect reminder of how to use all the similar apps that enable you to have voice notes and voice reminder. You will see that the interface is intuitive and can be downloaded in small size and requires less space. You can use for windows to get better results and sound frequency.

10) IFX Tom-Tom voice changer:

It is a type of those fantastic voices apps to change voice that comes with an interesting interface that lets you create your own voice with most simple and basic. You can certainly change all the frequency and change your voice to make it sound more realistic and perfect. You can get registered to it for paid and get the free trial.

These are ten best voice changers you can use to get the perfect sound quality with the smooth interface you can use them for Android or for PC to see how much they are worth it to fulfill all your voice chatting needs.

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