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It looks like you are eager to find the best free proxy server list that might help you hide your IP address completely. In this post, you will get to see the relevant information and answers you’ve been looking for your queries to gain access safe and free proxy server.

Best free proxy server:

There was a time when accessing Facebook, YouTube and many other sites in some countries wasn’t allowed and most people used proxy servers or VPN to access them by hiding their IP address. You might say that they were blocked and you still can access sites from your country regions using best free proxy server. There are many great reasons that free proxy websites or servers might prove useful to access blocked websites.

Especially in school, colleges and offices have a firewall that monitors those block websites to deny access on social networking websites that can prove bad for their future, a lot of people still unable to access some websites which are blocked from their country and require permission to gain access.

For that, some people might use VPN (virtual private network) to access blocked sites and set it up that makes convenient for anyone. But to use VPN you need to pay monthly charges that can frustrate some person.

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What is the main role of a proxy server?

For many of you who don’t know that a proxy server is specifically designed to increase your privacy on the internet by hiding your IP address which is issued by the local internet provider and set all the connecting coming from public servers. These proxy websites can help you to view those websites which are blocked from your country.

Let’s take an example to clear your mind, when you want to use a Canadian based website then you can only use Canadian based proxy server to load certain pages. You can simply hide your identity and remain hidden as long as you want while your connection is still intact and protect your public identity at the same time.

How to find best free proxy server list?

Unfortunately, there are not many great proxy servers available to access. Some people who run their business require accessing them or have to pay a great amount of money to use VPN, you may find some but not all of them works as you wish. Their speed and browsing time runs slower than normal browsing making the translation to go through even hard.

If you want to use best free proxy server then you should consider upgrading a paid proxy service to get high performance and also to improve the quality of services as well.

Which are the best free proxy server 2017 you can choose?

Today, all the firewalls have made sure all the blacklisted sites can’t be accessible and it has become difficult to find a proxy that can uncover that firewall. Even some of them may look great and has a brand name on them but denied you to gain access. So, here are the top proxy websites to browse any blocked sites easily.

Best free proxy server


It is a great proxy server that gives you free anonymous browsing, just by entering URL you want to visit and gives you full freedom of choosing the location in the box. You can also disable cookies, ads, and scripts as well.

2) Proxysite. com:

This one is another web proxy you can certainly count on too use YouTube and get to pick right proxy servers from Europe and US regions. Browse by entering URL and click on the button and quickly go wherever you want to go also control all the cookies by changing server points.

3) hidester:

Hidester is an excellent proxy server that protects all the malware and scripts that can harm your system and is one of those reliable proxy website of all time. It can give you freedom of picking the US and any other country server to begin with.

4) VPN Book:

VPN book is an anonymous and best free proxy server that gives a variety of countries list to access and supports HTTP by hiding all your traffic sources. It can also change the page type and you can remain hidden as long as you want.


The biggest difference you get to see in this proxy server is that you can manually choose the location from any country you like and once you access it, you will feel like you are actually surfing on a normal connection with smooth speed.

6) K-proxy:

It is a unique proxy server that can hide the entire menu on screen and gives you many benefits to switch between ten to twelve servers with same IP address in an instant. There are no viruses, or hidden cookies will show up.

7) Anonymous:

This is the only proxy server that has been around for so many years that supports, email, web, and proxies which you can access in any language. It is also one of those best free proxy sites for videos for any website you like. It is totally free, and there is an ad-free subscription option to boost your proxy servers to download big files and documents.

8) Mega-proxy:

Megaproxy has some unique features and options that make it different from many other proxy sites. You get the complete freedom to enable or disable browser settings and also remove web pages and also limit the iterations to block cookies, malware, and virus.

It is free of cost and you don’t need to make an account on it. It will make your browsing more convenient and makes accessible to visit any website from large bandwidths to short ones with bigger flash files.

These are the best free proxy server list you can go or because they are currently in demand and have all the resources to meet your expectation of surfing anonymously with your IP hidden. It is great for businesses who do not want to lose their public identity online.

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