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Are you tired of transferring files through Bluetooth because they are very slow and looking for an alternative way then try 7 best file sharing sites of 2018 with a super fast speed which are totally free. Here you will get all the latest information and answers to your queries.

Free file sharing sites:

Today, sharing files has become very important for each person that works online. The need for documents, images, and videos has become such importance that you cannot continue the work. It is not possible that you simply save data on your mobile phones for a long time and what if the data get deleted and you can’t simply get it back to how you will react. Even if you happen to store it on your PC or laptop hard drive the results could be the same as the virus can delete them, back sectors and so much.

You can‘t simply rely on physical hardware these, so if you want a secure online file sharing then your best option is internet from a local network. We live in the age of internet folks and everything is so much easier to transfer files, important documents, images, emails and you don’t need to worry about storage. Now you can certainly share files with hyperlinked cloud storage online to transportable data with centralized servers.

Why storing data online is very important?

Since the arrival of the internet, the technology has grown even more and ways local storage is changed as well. The best example I can give you is, look when you play music or watch the movie on local media and now they are streamed online and keep all the documents and media files saved in the cloud. You can get this advantage anywhere and anytime to share anything. There are many additional benefits you will get from it.

If you don’t have a service to store or sync the data in the cloud then you should consider this one immediately. It totally depends on how much space you require and security you need in order to collaborate with others you can choose this option and see the effective results in the first place.

Which are the 7 websites for file sharing is good for you?

Fortunately, there are many kinds of websites you can use for sharing files online which are free. The attachments you store could not be read to compress but still give you so much space in size with security and transfer them the even safer way. It allows you to encrypted file sharing service and each one has its unique features. You no longer need to pay a single penny instead just get on the sites and get registered right away.

1) We transfer:

This is a website that provides you a simple looking interface to transfer documents and files up to 30 GB and all you require is to simply add files and sent them through the mail of the receiver. It has a very user-friendly design and you just need to create an account and get additional features.

2) Use P-cloud:

P-cloud allows you it in both ways both secure and regular ways to transfer data. You can send files up to 6 GB from using regular mode free of cost and does not need to get registered. You need to enter E-mail ID of the receiver and send it to by attaching a file. If you need business file sharing programs then you should need a registration and enjoy facilities up to 25 GB cloud storage with the unlimited number of recipients.

3) Google drive:

We all know that Google drive is one of the best cloud storage sites that allow you to store file, music, pictures, and videos in one single location. You can automatically sync the data to any device you want and immediately receive the updates you get. It also monitors all your changes for one month and enables to provide you option of undoing or redo with OCR capabilities to discover texts in any picture.

4) My-Air-bridge:

This website allows you to use video files sharing with ease. You can save data anytime and anywhere. It is free and there are no charges requires any registration. You can store high-quality video with big package size to save package and files in the cloud storage and customize it for both incoming and outgoing files. You will get 20+ GB storage in your first use.

5) Use Dropbox:

Dropbox is a site that can be organized all type of sizes and works perfectly to sync files and other necessary documents for a long time. It is a great solution for people who do online business on PC or laptop. With this one, you can send files to the multiple devices from windows phone, Android, Mac, and I-phone. This website is not free you have to pay the little price in order to enjoy dropbox services.

6) Plus transfer:

Plus transfer is a very fast online cloud storage site that provides you biggest free file sharing quickly and successfully. It is a convenient way to transfer big files with speed and efficiency. You don’t need to get registered. You can just simply select a file and add the number of it and send it to the receiver. This site provides you easy and comfortable data transfer with maximum 6 GB size to add on to any file.

7) Send this file:

This site provides you a robust managed file system to transfer files along with data security and all the privacy regulation. It is an effective way to transmit the large data to any users with modeled of serve purposes. You do not need to get registered with money or credit card. It is totally free with file limits. Just simply log in for online file sharing and use your E-mail address to send it to the receiver.

These are the amazing free file sharing sites you can choose and see how much they are worth it because each of them has different distinctive features.

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