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Have you ever tried using for question answering and get a perfect collection of data? Then it is time you should put all your focus to this post and learn all the latest information and answers to your queries relevantly. review:

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a valuable and fruitful search, which users can relate and get accurate answers. There are many people who still know about using Google search but if you open your eyes and see more then you will see there is an also some amazing search engines alive that can still find you worthy answers based on your search. Today, everybody wants to use a related search and while capitalizing and correct spelling this can lead to getting better quality results. is one of those awesome search engines available online to assist you in every way possible that has the potential to correct the misspelled and also automatically suggests the few selected.
For some word, the order does matter and you can easily get better ideas what you’ve been doing online to ensure you get the best and accurate search result of all time. Not many search engines do that right? You have to know to learn the full potential of that specific search and you can also improve your experience as well.

What exactly is

For some of you who has no idea and who haven’t ever heard of it. is to known to be a search engine which in early days was called Ask Jeeves it is back and better than ever. We all know that the subsequent retirement and decline of Jeeves was a bad idea and all the representatives were responsible and shut it down immediately because dislike it and top contenders like Yahoo, MSN, Google, BING, and AOL were becoming so much popular.
Its main purpose was to form a question and find a relevant result as answers. Many users felt approaching for a searching question rather than search a single word or phrase words cannot achieve at the point.

What is the new strategy of

It is not always necessary that once used search engine felt wrong will work badly even for future. Now there are new changes this site brings with it and supports all the features based on the search for the variety of queries with native English language or any other. This time ask search engine aims to traditional keyword search and tries to give users friendly and intuitive results.
This time the site utilizes the technology for website clusters according to a topics communities wants and provide them enough reasons to stay.

Which are things really focuses on?

There is no denying that having a better search engine will give you adequate knowledge the thing you are searching often times, where this site has managed to adapt the latest modern trend of all other search engines and will give you plenty of options such as,

• Search for keywords or questions
• Spelling counts
• Use related search
• Word order matter now
• Includes various categories and community
• More specific the better
• One question or search at a time
• Space between words matters now

The importance of Ask toolbar:

Whether you are a new user or have a little bit of understanding about You should know that for user conveniences they have set ask toolbar as a free add-on when you leave a checkbox you need to install it. This can appear on your browser top list when you open it. You can also uninstall it and remove it by going to windows panel. But it is highly recommended that you let it be.
You can set this as your default search engine and being as your home page you can check boxes many times you want. It is very important that you should use these pages for promotional prompts and uncheck them anytime you want by going to default settings. Let it be your homepage for while to see how much results you can get from it.

Some pros and cons of

Here is the new thing about ask, is that you will find a refreshingly new main page which is empty search bar waiting to be filled, with a narrow design filled box at the right corner you can also edit it with small handful of info link you can retain all the ask Jeeves search engine and also update it anytime you want it. Instead of the typical search engine program that gives you ads, in this one, you will be provided with a common sense alternative narrow expand search along with some algorithm determinations that is related to your original search.

A) Pros:

Uncluttered, fewer ads, intuitive, and sponsored results with various additional free tools to explore

B) Cons:

You might miss the old Jeeves system but this for the better, same old design but with improved icons

How can you install this on your computer?

There is one method that you can use to install this on your computer and keep it free. It does not matter whether you are using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or any other browser. All you need is to simply install it’s ask toolbar and set the homepage as your default search engine that’s it. You can also use it for smartphones or tablets by installing its app as well.

Final words about

Every search has its own specialty and benefits where using this will grant you a whole new way search keywords and word phrases with short and long length. All your efforts will worth it, and for newcomers it makes a fine addition to utilize it for your personal or professional searches. All you need is try this one out and see how much better experience you will get from it. It won’t cost you anything and format is worth a look.if you guys still have any question regarding you can ask in comments box.

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