Top 7 Amazing Websites

Are you eager to learn about 7 amazing websites you need to know that lets you know all the cool and fun things to do? This post will certainly help you find all the relevant information and answers to prevent yourself from getting bored and keep engaged.

Top amazing websites

Nowadays, a lot of people surf internet daily and some might just want to do it for fun and makes enough interesting to make them keep coming. There are so many websites out there which not many of you haven’t heard off, after all, it is all about entertainment that lets you escape the reality and you can find some places to relaxation.

Fortunately, there are many websites that offer you limitless fun and by visiting them you can make the most of it. For example, if you want to prank method to fool your friends then you can do that by visiting a certain website that makes perfectly hilarious. Since the person who does not know he is being pranked the reaction of it will be priceless.

As the technology is growing so did the form of entertainment are also becoming huge. You can kind weird stuff going on the internet and you can search hours and make your own interest. If you are run out of ideas and want to search the best unbelievable websites that exist then you can check out them below with complete details to see how much they will worth of your time.

Which are the 7 amazing websites you can visit for fun?

Apart from work people have the right to spend some quality time in searching on the web. This can help them to open their minds and creativity, not just for fun but also to become innovative in their own way. This is perhaps the excellent idea for students and professionals to visit these amazing websites and search anything they like. So without further ado, here are websites that waiting for you to visit them including,

1) 10 minutes

10 minutes mail is a website that allows you to create E-mail address only for ten minutes. You can also use this website to get the fake ID for any website. You will see that your E-mail and ID will self-destruct in 10 minutes time frame. You certainly don’t need to fill any form, just open the website and create a temporary email address shows on the homepage.

You can use this website to send fake and threat messages to your friends just to make a prank out of them and have a blast of fun.

2) Fake name generator:

Fake name generator is a website that allows you to make a totally fake ID with details. This site gives you all the necessary details to generate the fake ID for any type of user. The purpose of it is to provide endless fun and you can send all kinds of a message to crack a joke on your colleagues or close friends.

This website is totally free to access there no bugs or any issue. Just visit it and generate as many fake IDs you want.

3) Awkward family photos:

You will be surprised to see that awkward family photos is certainly one of the top 10 cool websites because whenever you are mad at your family just go there and make your own new family from choosing dad, mother, brother, sister, and siblings. Talk to them, open your problems with them and get a virtual family like you never seen before.

This sounds pretty awesome right folks, just visit this site you don’t need to get registered, just sign up and make jealous of your real family.

4) Virus total:

There is no denying that if you are doing prank or cracking joke, then it is obvious that your friends will do the same to you. One of the best examples you can see in form of virus total which is a website that lets you scan any suspicious file if you think your friend has sent you to download containing a virus. With this site, you can check if the file contains the virus or not and it free to check.

5) lame-book:

We all love to use Facebook right, who doesn’t. This is a website that shows you funny, embarrassing postings of FB that people post on their timelines. You can also visit your own and have a great laugh to see how actually you will look from other perspectives.

If you have missed the mark then try saving this post and send it to your friend and families to make them see the funny side of yours, or you can send a person who is always looking so serious and after seeing this will probably have a smile on face.

6) Hacker-typer:

Hacker typer is one of those amazing websites that helps you create a prank on your friends. If you are a hacker or a programmer and have good typing speed then visit this website and type anything that comes to your mind. But the twist comes when you type anything the site shows you predefine codes and whenever you press the double tap cap locks message then it will give you access and you will feel like a true hacker.

You can send almost anything you type to your friend’s ID and threat them as a hacker is to hacking his site or social media account.

7) Prank owl:

Using prank owl website that is certainly most amazing website on the internet that lets you prank calls to anyone and anywhere in the world. You will feel like the prank call is authentic and record it any call whenever you call friends and family. You can also listen to all the recorded voices call and them another prank call. This website also lets you make fake caller ID and enjoy long lasting calls to anyone.

These are the 10 amazing websites you can choose to spend time in the fun and laughing.

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