10 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes

A goal without plan is just a wish. Yes, you heard it right. Content Marketing has become one of the most lethal way to promote your content. But it can frustrate you when you see no outcome after pushing everything hard and you call it a shame and move away! But this is totally not true because the facts are saying something else.

According to Blogspot Survey taken in 2017, 70% of the people are happily blogging and getting their desired result. But this ain’t come this easy, Hardwork, Dedication and sweating for the knowledge are the backbone of their success story. Are you want to be one? If yes, then I have a complete package of your problem.

Failure is the road map to success and each mistake teaches us something new but that doesn’t mean you repeat all your mistakes time and again. Content Marketing Mistakes often lead us to failure and a time comes when you get fedup of you failures and leave your marketing.

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While it is true that content marketing is the most effective means of attracting new customers, your campaign will be useless if you do not learn to avoid common content marketing mistakes. A poorly executed content marketing campaign will end up doing a lot more harm than good. Social media, which serves as the life-blood of any content marketing strategy, makes it easy to share information across the globe in a matter of seconds.

This means that your mistake could potentially reach millions of people before you even realize that you have made an error. Imagine how embarrassing that would be. Why jeopardise the future of your firm? Learn to avoid these 10 common content marketing mistakes and you will be well on your way to reaching your potential customers with the kind of content that will attract them to your business.

Mistake 1 – Preventing Plagiarising of your content

Technology has also made stealing content from other online sources a very simple process. The opportunity might even appear tempting because it is hard to conceptualize original content, and it can be expensive to hire a professional to get this done. Regardless, it would be an extremely unwise decision to re-use existing content online without first getting permission to do so.

Firstly, your target audience will readily recognise that you are making use of someone else’s work, and your firm will be branded as one that cannot be trusted. Secondly, you will have to contend with the expensive legal implications of receiving a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice. It would be best for you to use only authorised content or backlink in order to give credit where due.

Mistake 2 – Being too Offensive is Bad

In an effort to grab the attention of potential customers, many firms have resorted to pushing the boundaries to the limit. The result is that their marketing campaign ends up featuring content that can be considered as indecent or shocking.

This kind of content may get a knee-jerk reaction from a small group of people, but will end up driving away many potential clients. Your aim should be to feature content that is bold and daring, but will not be found distasteful.

Mistake 3 – Being inconsistent with your messaging

Another content marketing mistake that occurs far too frequently is producing content that does not complement your existing messaging. Your content should highlight the best of what you have to offer or introduce a new concept that does not detract from the foundation that is already in place. Inconsistent messaging will do little to increase brand awareness or encourage customer loyalty. In other words, it will waste both your time and financial resources.

Mistake 4 – Not analysing the ROI

When you embark on your own campaign, do not forget the reason why you have chosen to undertake this venture. Ultimately, your aim is to increase profits. In order to do this effectively, you have to consistently analyse the impact of your campaign. Investigate what works, and try to replicate this in future campaigns.

Google Analytics is an excellent resource to keep tabs on the number of visitors to your website, but there are a number of other reporting tools online that will help you measure how much you have benefitted from each content marketing campaign.

Mistake 5 – Are you Doing too much?

As the online world evolves, new methods will emerge that may appear to be a means to enhance your campaign. Sadly though, one of the most dangerous content marketing mistakes is biting off more than you can chew. While it is great to incorporate blog, a YouTube channel, podcasts, and a few targeted social media commercials, can you and your team effectively manage all these responsibilities?

It might take two weeks to research the content for just one blog or social media ad. Instead of spreading your resources too thin, why not concentrate your efforts on a few carefully selected strategies? Take the time to analyse the best means to reach your target audience, and focus your efforts on these options.

Mistake 6 – Leadership Keys to Harnessing the Power of Teams

As previously highlighted, executing an effective content marketing campaign will not be easy. If you are fortunate enough to have employees, you will need to get them involved. The danger, however, lies in being afraid to delegate, micromanaging your team, or not encouraging them to communicate freely.

Your team may end up duplicating their efforts and wasting time. If you would like to harness the power of your team, delegate freely and encourage them to share their ideas. It would also be wise to encourage them to work together, and help them learn to make wise decisions even when you are not present.

Mistake 7 – Respect Your Audience Or Else..

Be careful how you present your opinions. Mocking or criticising your audience is never a good idea. You might get a few laughs, but is that really worth the backlash that might result? It is equally unwise to present information that is misleading or inaccurate. Always remember that potential clients can easily research your claims or statistics, and they will become very vocal if these are found to be untrue.

Mistake 8 – Choosing unwise partnerships

You may opt to partner with another company or engage a brand representative. This may prove beneficial but only if you choose wisely. Always remember that their reputation will reflect positively or negatively on your brand.

Mistake 9 – Appearing opportunistic

It goes without saying that timing is crucial if you intend to reap the benefits of your content marketing campaign. However, there is a huge difference between a campaign that is timely and one that appears opportunistic. An example of a campaign that is timely is one that encourages purchasing holiday items just before the holiday season.

An example of a campaign that appears opportunistic is the controversial marketing campaign in which Adidas congratulated the survivors of tragic Boston Marathon shooting. Viewers were so upset that Adidas has to retract the campaign and apologize. While it is good to keep up with the latest events and trends, it is never a good idea to try to further your financial interest at the expense of others.

Mistake 10 – Dabbling in politics

It is highly unlikely that you would strike up a conversation about politics when meeting a potential client for the first time. Why then would you incorporate any form of political agenda into your content marketing campaign? Do not forget that this campaign is an opportunity to introduce yourself to an uncapped number of potential clients. Don’t ruin it. Try to remain as neutral as possible.


In conclusion, orchestrating an effective content marketing campaign will not be easy. But, if executed correctly, it will be worth it. If you can dream it, then you can do it. The above content would really help you to overcome the most common problems one’s having. But If you’ve any question regarding the above described title, then feel free to type your question in the comment section. 

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